Revamp a $2 banana stand into a lovely little planter for your table instead

Today, anything can be upcycled. Everything from your old banana holder to that broken chair you keep moving from corner to corner can be transformed into a useful piece that you'll appreciate daily.
The DIY projects compiled here are going to help you upcycle some old and dingy kitchen items into beautiful new planters you can scatter around your home. All of the projects featured encourage upscaling and creativity, so check out the list and get inspired.
1. Banana holder planter
That old banana holder isn't doing much good collecting dust on your countertop. So, Organized Clutter has a solution to breathe new life into it.
After this plant holder DIY, your banana holder may still sit on the counter, but it's going to be filled with a pretty house plant, succulents, or maybe even your go-to herb.
2. Upcycled chair planter
Everyone has a busted old chair lying around. Maybe it was age, maybe you picked it up at a yard sale already broken, or maybe it was just wear and tear. Now, Sew Caroline has a great DIY to transform your favorite old chair to a stunning planter you can use year round.
3. Thrift store drawer planter
This is a great DIY project for anyone gutting their old kitchen or bathroom. Confessions of a Serial DIYer suggests upcycling the old drawers and using them as a drawer planter for the garden.
You could also sand, paint, and design the drawers to match your interior and use them as planters in your home. How ever you use the drawers, it's a great way to pay tribute to the history of your home.
4. Vintage silver planters
These are some of the prettiest succulent planters out there. You might have some old small silver bowls lying around - but the truth is if you're willing to get thrifty an Oregon Cottage says you can find these gems at second hand stores and thrift stores for next to nothing.
These silver bowls make great little planters for succulents, and they look oh so shabby-chic.
5. Glass ceiling light fixtures turned planters
If you've updated your home and still have your old, dated glass ceiling fixtures lying in a box somewhere - this is a great project to put those shades to good use.
Brayton Homestead Interiors suggests hanging them outside and filling them with your prettiest plants. If you really hate the design of your old shade, don't be afraid to get creative. Use spray paint or tiles to give them an updated look.
6. Colander planter
Now this project by The Micro Gardener is just too cute. We adore the mint green color of this vintage colander - but you can create that antique vibe yourself with a bit of spray paint too.
Share these incredibly creative kitchen upscaling projects with your friends who are always on the lookout for the hottest new trends - and a new planter.
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