Transform a stack of terracotta pots into quirky yard décor (it's not a planter!)

We all know you can transform a terracotta pot into a pretty planter with some paint. But you can also transform terracotta pots into beautiful lighting pieces, garden decorations, and centerpieces with a little bit of creativity.
On this page, there's six do-it-yourself projects that with a little bit of time are going to help you create a unique piece for your home or garden. Most of these projects are great for the kids too - so grab your supplies and get started.
1. Clay pot lighthouses
Transform old or new terracotta pots into a summery garden accent that's both adorable, and useful. This project only requires a little bit of time, a lantern, and a bit of paint.
Tip: Use solar powered lanterns or walkway lights to top off your mini terracotta lighthouses.
These mini lighthouses by Empress of Dirt may not be the beacon of light like their counterparts - but they'll look great in your garden, on your deck, or even lining your walkway.
2. Terracotta faux fire hydrant
Keep the pooch away from this one! This faux fire hydrant we found on Pinterest looks almost like the real thing. All you're going to need is some paint, glue, and the perfect spot to display it.
3. Clay pot scarecrow
This Hobby Lobby project is the autumn DIY you've been looking for. With some hemp string, a few tiny terracotta pots, and some creativity - you're going to have some adorable little scarecrows to display in the home, or on the front porch.
This is also a great project to get the kids involved in.
4. Clay pot drink dispensers
Paint your pots, then turn them on their heads for this Refresh Restyle project. Your pots go from planters to the perfect outdoor piece that'll have your guests wondering when you got so creative.
Tip: Use it as they did here for your punch dispenser, or even as a cake holder.
5. Terracotta toadstools
Add some color and whimsy to your garden with these toadstools by Pat Catan. This is another great project for the kids because they can get as creative as they want, then find the perfect spot to hide it in your garden.
6. Potted candle planters
A twist on the classic planter - use your terracotta pots for both plants and a stunning light fixture. This simple project by Family Chic is versatile and is going to look beautiful as a centerpiece or accent on your porch.
Tip: If you don't want to use candles, stick solar walkway lights in the middle of the planter instead. You can even line your sidewalk with these pretty pots.
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