3 different variations of vintage teacup birdfeeders

Looking for an affordable and elegant way to attract birds to your garden? Bird houses come in all sorts of designs, but can get pricey. Premade bird feeders can also breach your budget and aren’t very original and fun. So resist the temptation to go Gardeners all over the country are making their own versions of bird feeders that bring a shabby chic edge to their yards and gardens. So we’ve provided you with 3 different versions of a birdfeeder all using vintage teacups that anyone can make.
Project #1
Kenzie Mastroe of eHow provides a step-by step of a gorgeous hanging teacup feeder. She found her teacups from her local thrift store. For this project, you’ll also need a saucer (if you find a matching saucer, that’s even better), pinch bail pendants, wire cutters, polyurethane glue, 3 1-foot chains, an S-hook, pliers, and a heavy book. Mastroe removed the pinch clips from the pinch bail pendants and glued them to the edge of the saucer. She then glued the teacup to the saucer and put the heavy book on the top of it to set it. After Mastroe attached the chains to the clips, all three were placed in the S-hook:
Project #2
Jody Arsenault, founder of the blog Mommy Moment, shared her quick and simple method for making a bird feeder. Using super adhesive glue, Arsenault glued the teacup’s side and placed it on the saucer, allowing 24 hours of dry-time for the glue. Then she used a dollar store hanger to hang it up outside:
Project #3
The blog Gris & Co simply hangs by a ribbon for a simple, yet elegant look. It contains a yummy oatmeal-based recipe to attract feathered friends. Mix 2 cups of oatmeal, bird feed, and sunflower seeds together and let it cool overnight:
If pretty ribbon doesn't suit your fancy, you can even try using a vintage spoon:
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