Take a lantern and chicken wire and create the prettiest planter for your garden

Succulents are the hot-houseplant of the moment. These petite and pretty plants are adored for their cartoon-like shape, variety of colors, and their ease to care for.
These plants are perfect accents for your desk, dining room table, or your outdoor table set this summer. We've seen succulents displayed in pretty little pots all over the web, but there's more creative ways to show them off and we've gathered some of the easiest, and cutest DIY's out there.
1. Succulent lantern
Have an old lantern lying around? One with already broken glass, or maybe a busted door? This it the perfect DIY to upscale it.
This craft idea by Fun Farm Living is going to add a chic, and funky vibe to your home - plus, it's fun and easy to put together. Use it as an accent on your outdoor dining set, place it on the front steps, or even a window of your home.
2. Driftwood succulent planter
This is the DIY all the upscale design shops don't want you to know. You've probably seen this stunning centerpiece grace magazines and high end design websites - but now you can make it yourself.
In an E-how post, Lucy Akins has put together a simple DIY so you can create it at a fraction of the price.
3. Chair succulent garden
We all have an old chair that we don't really know what to do with. Maybe it doesn't match your set, or you picked it up on the side of the road because it was too pretty to pass up. Either way, it's sitting around collecting dust.
Your Great Finds has an incredible DIY that's going to help you transform that chair into a beautiful addition to your garden or patio.
4. Hanging succulent ball
These succulent balls are a versatile craft you can use all over the home. Hang them under the umbrella of your outdoor dining set, outside your front door, and as replacements for holly-balls during the holidays.
It's a fun and easy DIY put together by Lowe's that also makes a great present.
5. Vintage tea tin succulent planters
We've seen succulents in pretty pots before - but reusing vintage, and modern tea tins is a fun spin on the trend. In this DIY by The Sarah Johnson you're both upscaling something you'd normally trash, and giving these pretty succulents a cute new planter you can show off around the house.
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