Woman glues glass pebbles to plastic pretzel bin, making lovely fixture for patio

You've probably roamed the craft store many times before, passing over these pretty little glass bubbles with flat backs, unsure what to use them for. They're often dropped in glass vases with flowers, or even fish bowls - but honestly, you can do much better than that.
Listed here are 5 beautiful yet easy DIY projects that utilize these pretty little glass stones. Before you know it you'll be sticking them on whatever surface you need to spruce up - so be warned!
1. $1 glass gem patio light
This project is great because you can adjust it to fit your needs, or what materials you have lying around. Creative Me Inspired You used an old plastic pretzel jar to create this patio light - but you could use any kind of jar you have lying around.
What's great about this project too is that during the day this light fixture will reflect beautiful sunlight, and at night it's going to glow.
2. Gem flower pot
This is a quick and easy project to spruce up any old jars, or flower pots you may have lying around the house. This DIY by Busy Hands Busy Minds is also great for getting the kids involved because it's hands on, fun, and it will keep them occupied.
3. Glass gem gazing ball
Gazing balls are a stunning addition to any garden - but they can be quite pricy. Instead of shelling out the money for a big, reflective ball - instead create one yourself using these pretty glass gems and the help of Time With Thea.
4. Glass gem "grout"
This stunningly colorful grout is going to give your neighbors envy! Instead of grouting with boring gray stones or sand, opt for your favorite colored glass gems instead. This project by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers is going to add a unique and colorful flare to your yard that you're sure to not see anywhere else.
5. Garden treasure jars
These garden treasure jars add even more color to your blooming garden, and reflect the summer sun wonderfully. This really simple, but incredibly pretty project by Empress of Dirt is going to be a fun way to spend an afternoon - and create a treasure you cherish.
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