Lady empties out a pretzel bin and makes a planter that looks like it costs $50

If you've ever gone shopping in search of the perfect copper accent piece for your home, you know this metal can cost a pretty penny. And it's a shame - because this versatile metal looks great in both modern and shabby-chic spaces.
Instead of shelling out your entire piggy bank for one accessory, try your hand at one (or a few) of these faux copper do-it-yourself projects. Whether you decide to go for the sleek and shiny modern copper look, or the weathered vintage flare - these DIY projects are going to satisfy all of your copper cravings for a fraction of the cost.
1. Vintage copper pot planter
This project by Seeking Lavender Lane is going to have you transforming all your plastic jars and bins into this extremely real looking copper look-alike.
It's almost unbelievable that an old pretzel jar you would have thrown away anyways can be transformed into a planter you'll have for years to come. What's great about this project too is how simple it is, and how the materials are easily accessible.
2. Copper PVC wall planter
This Craft Bits project looks oh-so minimalistic and chic. We all know copper pipes can cost a pretty penny, so with this DIY you get the expensive look for a fraction of the price.
3. Copper pumpkin planters
Autumn is just around the corner, so it's time to start rounding up the seasonal decorations. These copper pumpkin planters from Up To Date Interiors are going to be the perfect addition to your dining table and mantle.
4. Faux copper pipe vase
Modern, minimalistic, and yet with a vintage flare - this Oleander + Palm copper vase project is going to be a real statement piece in your home. Set it as a centerpiece on your dining set, or stacked on books on the coffee table - this vase might just steal the show from the flowers.
5. Copper planter pots
Displaying petite cactuses and succulents in pretty little planters is all the rage. But if you've got some of these plants around the house you already know how pricey these pots can be. Instead, try this Poppytalk project for creating faux copper planters for a fraction of the cost of the real thing.
Which idea was your favorite? Tell us in the comments and make sure to share these stunning faux copper DIY projects with your friends!

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