Lady drills holes into wooden box, creating unique flourish for her front door

They say first impressions are the most important - so when it come to curb appeal, your home better make a good one. Along with a nice yard and sidewalk, your home's numbers should welcome guests inside by being both easy to spot and showing off a bit of your personality.
Here, some of the most creative DIY home number projects from around the web are going to help you make a great first impression. There's everything from a planter to a door post, and a stained plywood number plate. Check out the list below.
1. DIY address planter door decor
For this Cofran Home project you're going to need a small planter box, or rectangular wood box to get started.
From there all you're going to need are the numbers in the font of your choice, and your favorite seasonal flowers to stick in the box. What's great about this project is how versatile it is. In the summer stuff it with hydrangeas and succulents like they did here - but in the winter fill it up with pinecones and holly.
2. Chalkboard welcome sign post
On this Home Depot project, they've used a chalkboard to write a festive welcome sign. What you could also do here is stick your home's numbers on another board just on top of the chalkboard, or even nail them into the top of the chalkboard itself.
3. Paint stick address plaque
Don't throw away your old paint sticks! Instead, use them for a funky number holder for your door. For this Home Stories A to Z project you can either paint the sticks how you'd like, or simple repurpose all the old ones with paint already on them.
4. Welcome sign with nails
If you've got some frustrations to let out, hammering out this project is going to be great for that. The Refurbished Home used any old piece of wood, but if you've got a piece that is old, rustic, or even a part of your home - even better.
5. Stained plywood address sign
This Family Focus Blog project also uses old paint sticks. This time, though you're going to stain them before you nail your favorite house numbers right on top. Here they've gone with a distressed stain - but you could go for something more smooth, or even a colored stain.
6. Grassy house number sign
This A Beautiful Mess project is so modern and chic. The white numbers pop off of the green grass beautifully - also making it really easy to see from the curb.
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